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About fancychickensbreeder.wordpress.com

fancychickensbreeder.wordpress.com becomes our facility to inform the world related to our business as a fancy chicken breeder. There are a lot of chicken types such as Batik Itali Chicken, Batik Kanada Coklat Chicken, Bekisar Chicken, Bangkok Chicken, Cemani Chicken, Cemani Walik Chicken, Many kins of Pheasent Chicken, Many kinds of Turkeys, Chemani Chicken, Kate Chicken, Kate Walik Chicken, Laughing Chicken, Many kinds of Guinea Fowl , Onagadori Chicken, Pelung Chicken, Phoenix Chicken, Poland Chicken, Serama Chicken, Chocin Chicken, and much more you can find. Through this blog, you will get easy way to obtain the information about many kinds of fancy chicken which are provided only in one place. Our skills and experiences in breeding the fancy chicken since 1999 have became a positive point that we think we needs to share through this blog.

Nunung Setyawan

Having much experiences in breeding the fancy chicken does not make us get satisfied by the knowledge that we already have. We always keep discovering the motivation of poultry science from a college and the field experience as a breeder to facilitate the customers in multiplying the fancy chicken. The increase of various fancy chicken collections becomes a new challenge for us to keep learning.

We feel that through the capacities of 300 chickens and the incubation capability of 800 chicken egg grains in our main stall is not enough to fulfill the customers’ requests. That is why constructing the partnership of fancy chicken breeders in Yogyakarta and Central Java becomes a solution toward this case. By this attempt, there will be a lot of profit that we obtain, not only in the term of economical advantages for society but it also facilitates us to control the quality.

Through  fancychickensbreeder.wordpress.com , we build a team work which has responsibility for each division. This entirety is divided into several divisions, those are:

  • Customer Service Division, be responsible for receiving customers’ requirements and consultations.

  • Main Stall Division, be responsible for taking care the chickens, controlling the quality and the quarantine of chickens observation before going to send and also servicing the customers directly when they come to there.

  • Delivery Division, be responsible for ensuring the delivery mechanism well from packing until delivering and also corresponding to Customer Service Division.

  • Marketing Division, be responsible for building the marketing system and strategy.

This team synergy and also positive support from the closest surroundings in the poultry world help us a lot, especially in making people more familiar with us. These are some examples of media which enshrouds our business:

G priority Magazine 


Pengusaha Indonesia Magazine


Our commitment is to give the best service either for fancy chicken admirers or for those who will begin a fancy chicken business. In the other hand, we keep praying for Allah in order to increase the earnings of fancy chicken breeders by giving a help in the easy and reliable marketing.

Hopefully, our small business can be recorded as a goodness ballast when every business and activity is disputed in the Calculation Day tomorrow. Aamiin.