Adult Serama Chicken

The Way To Breed Chickens From An Expert

The Way To Breed Chickens From An Expert

A lot of people are interested in breeding Serama chicken because of its tiny body and funny gestures. Yeah, this chicken is originally from neighbour country, Malaysia which has dwarf and tiny posture and it is also claimed as the smallest chicken in the world. The weight of original rooster Serama is only 350 gram, while for the hen is about 300 gram. However, in the evolution through lengthy breeding without any regeneration, this adult Serama chicken has weight up to 500 gram. With tiny size, short legs, often make Serama chicken feel difficult to mate or we find difficulty in breeding this chicken. Thus, below is the explanation of the way to breed Serama chicken from an expert.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

It is Bapak Ir. Rudiasfie Cofinal who is an expert of Serama chicken. According to him, the breeding of Serama chicken is slightly hung up because of its short legs which cause difficult penetration when getting mate. Due to this reason, the way of Serama chicken breeding should be noticed done in the incentive way. The woof for Serama chicken is similar with other fancy chicken such as voer, bran, and corns plus vitamin. The stall should be protected from the rain to avoid getting illness easily.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

Based on Ir. Rudiasfie Sjofinal’s acknowledgement, he often helps rooster chicken be in the top of the hen’s body.  This technique done by holding the hen chicken then push it to the rooster of Serama chicken. However, there is a requirement, both rooster and hen Serama chickens which are ready to mate should be in the age of minimal 6 months. It will be much better if you choose aged of 8 – 12 months. When you hold the hen’s back, it usually get squat. Besides, he often do a rotation, 1 hen of Serama chicken is for 3 roosters with the time for about 2-3 hours. Through this mating technique, we hope there is a big opportunity for success.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

Serama chicken is such a unique. Even though it has tiny size, it has a big lust. When the rooster is already interested in a hen, though it is a bigger hen, the rooster is undaunted. The fertility of Serama chicken is influenced by physical health. Besides, the eggs productivity of the hens is influenced by the weather. If the weather is cold, the productivity is getting lower. It happens because most of the woof is used to produce energy for maintaining the body heat. So, Serama chicken which lives in a cold area should obtain woof with high carbohydrate contents, for example corns.

Serama Age 3 Month

Serama Age 3 Month

When you join Serama chicken contest, don’t mate your Serama chicken. Separate the rooster and the hen of Serama chicken so that they can perform more adventurous in a contest because at that time they will have high lust. This chicken should also be trained to concentrate so that they can perform maximally on stage. They are not allowed to peck the carpet or escape from the stage. Thus, this dwarf chicken should keep the style swanky and produce shrill crow in the catwalk. Actually, taking care of Serama chickens and mating them is not too difficult as long as we always pay attention to the cleanness aspect and give them good woof. Moreover, it will be much better if the woof is mixed with concentrate.



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