Adult Serama Chicken

Serama Chicken from Neighbour Country

Serama Chicken from Neighbour Country

Serama chicken comes from neighbour country which is popular with the tightest body in the world, tinier than Kate’s. Nevertheless, the profit of Serama chicken livestock business is not as tinny as its body. The tinier its body is, the expensive its price is, especially for its movement skill in the catwalk contest which adds more sale value drastically. If it happens, Serama chickens price can reach up to tens of millions. Having business with this type of chicken does not need a large area; so that we can set it as a decoration and also secondary job.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

In accordance with the mini size of it, the weight of adult Serama chicken is less than 500 gram for contest. However, the price is high enough for about 1 until 2 millions per couple depends on the quality.

Serama chicken is usually cared as a fancy chicken. Moreover, several Serama contests give contributions in enlivening Serama chicken livestock business.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

Despite of its mini size, this chicken is known as not only active and stylish chicken but also brave. It is not afraid of facing the bigger size of other chicken. Furthermore, its lust is so great.

The problem of Serama chicken livestock is on the mating process even though it has great lust. Because of its mini size, the rooster of Serama chicken is difficult to fertilize the egg so that it needs humans help. Another problem is on the great lust of Serama chicken which causes it acts so brutally. This can cause hen’s quill broken, even death.

Serama Age 5 Month

Serama Age 5 Month

Moreover, Serama chicken Hen only produces few eggs, only 5 – 7 eggs in a month. Thus, doing this business needs more patience from the breeding until mating. However, the result is satisfying enough.


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