Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

7 Easy Steps How to Know Characteristic of Original Cemani Chicken

7 Easy Steps How to Know Characteristic of Original Cemani Chicken

Cemani Chicken is legendary which make anyone want to collect it. But sometimes many requesting and limited of chicken so appearing the Cemani chicken is not original. As we know as a breeder and talk each other with the others of breeder will easily detection of it.

Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

Cemani Chicken Age 5 Month

How the ways easily to know the original Cemani chicken?

We will present and explain about the ways of Original Cemani chicken easily as follows:

  1. Beak

The Beak of Cemani chicken with black colour. This black colour will seem from Cemani Chicken which still small. However long time is running the tip of beak will be gone because it uses to peck some foods continually and it look white colour. Usually it appears in the tip of beak.

  1. Fur

Fur of Cemani chicken is black. If Cemani chicken ever intersecting with the others chicken so the black fur of it cannot achieve 95%. This case makes us easily to detection or knows it.

Fur Of Cemani Chicken

Fur Of Cemani Chicken

  1. Armpit or Skin

Approach the number of 100% for the colour of armpit or skin of the Cemani chicken is black. Almost of the whole skin body of Cemani chicken is black.

Leg Of Cemani Chicken

Leg Of Cemani Chicken

  1. Rectum

Rectum of Cemani chicken is light black. It is different with the kind of others chicken.

Rectum Of Cemani Chicken

Rectum Of Cemani Chicken

  1. Leg

For anyone who usually look the village cock maybe you often look the cock’s leg which is yellow or white. However for Cemani chicken has the black leg. But black here is not light black because as we know the chicken’s leg is scaly so if it is dry, it will look white.

  1. Throat

The throat of Cemani chicken is black even thought the tongue is grey or instead white colour.

Throat Of Cemani Chicken

Throat Of Cemani Chicken

  1. Comb

The comb of Cemani chicken has black colour. When the Cemani chicken moves to adult, part of under comb looks red.

Seven points above will be the materials or knowledge in knowing Cemani chicken is original or not. Meanwhile for you, if you have the hobby look for Cemani chicken with the black tongue, as long as we are livestock Cemani chicken we ever yet find Cemani chicken with the black tongue. Beside that anyone also look for Cemani chicken with the black blood, this case is the unique phenomenon for us as breeder of Cemani chicken because for backyard chicken. It instead they want to look the blood whereas as backyard chicken we will look Cemani chicken which has the unique form and colour of its. For the blood of Cemani chicken is dark red

Comb Of Cemani Chicken

Comb Of Cemani Chicken


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