Adult Serama Chicken

5 Things That Should Be Noticed When Taking Care of Cerama’s Chicks

5 Things That Should Be Noticed When Taking Care of Cerama’s Chicks

Mentioning Serama chicken, we imagine that it is a chicken with tiny body and chest edema. The average weight of this chicken is less than 500 gram per head. If we compare to other chickens, Serama chicken looks like the tiniest one. It is tinnier than Kate chicken. Besides, the difference one with Kate chicken is its chest which is more bloated. Thus, it is norma if the emergence of Serama in the public will attract all of fancy chicken lovers.

Being famous in era 90, many breeders tries to make this breeding become a profitable business. Furthermore, Serama chicken has fluctuating price which causes a drastic increase, especially for Serama that has already won in the contest in big cities.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

Taking care of Serama chicken actually does not need difficult care. The difficult thing is on the formation of Serama chick becoming brood to be participated in a contest. However, if you take care of it only for fancy, the care is not that difficult.

 If you want to take care of Serama chicken, there are several things that should be noticed to get optimal growth of it:

  1. If Serama chickens is incubated in an incubator, let it there for 2 days until the quill already dry just after they are crack opened. At that time, they do not need to feed because the food supply in its body is enough to keep it for 2 days.
  1. After 3 days, move them to a stall with warmer tool. We can use 10 watt or 25 watt if we use a light bulb, depends on the stall temperature.

If Serama chickens are with their mother, ensure that the stall are safe from nuisance or predators. To make Serama chicken’s production periode more optimal, it will be better if Serama chicken’s eggs are incubated in an incubator or let other chicken mother to take care of them. Therefore, Serama chicken’s mother does not need to brood the eggs but spawns in a brief periode.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

When Serama chicks is older than 1,5 months, allow them to get out from the stall to get the sun. It will strength the bone and kill the bacterium in its quill. The warmer tool in the stall can also be reduced gradually and you are sure they are strong enough, the warmer tool can be released.

  1. Serama Chicken’s Woof

The woof for Serama chicks can be voer or BR-1 or mix with bran. Commonly, there is no difference between local chicken‘s woof and Serama chicks’.

Adult Serama Chicken

Adult Serama Chicken

  1. The Stall Cleanness

We should clean the stall regularly to avoid illness and indirectly it will prosper you. The cleaner a stall is, the healthier the chickens there. Clean the stall starts from the floor, ventilation, the partition among stalls, woof and drink containers, even the perch. Special for Serama, don’t make a perch to avoid Serama chicken flying to and fro which causes the quill fall out. Use a disinfectant as a cleaner. When the stall is cleaning up, don’t let the chicken be there. Let them out to avoid the excrement. The health stall is including a smooth ventilation, always clean and get off the puddle.

Serama’s stall is usually in the form of box or circle. The stall can be different depends on age variation. Use safe barriers for Serama chicks’ stall for example using newspaper. It has several advantages such us being not slippery, absorbing the impurities easily, and cleaned easily. Just pull the newspaper and throw it away. It also has economic value because of its cheapness.

Serama Chicken Age 3 Month

Serama Chicken Age 3 Month

  1. The separation of other chicken types

Serama chicks need to be isolated from other chicken habitat because of its tiny body.  If they are in the same habitat, Serama chicken will be possibly trampled by others with bigger body posture. Isolation stall for Serama chicken should be bigger to keep both Serama mothers and chicks.

Serama Chicken Age 5 Month

Serama Chicken Age 5 Month


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